How does building a personal rapport impact conversions?

71% of sales reps say that building personal rapport has a substantial impact on converting a prospect.

How does an online proposal software help with conversions?

A majority of sales reps believe that having a good relationship with prospects increases their chance of converting.

However, the challenge is that building personal rapport can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. That’s why many businesses are turning to online proposal software as a way to streamline the process.

Online proposal software helps sales reps create personalized proposals quickly and easily. It allows them to customize each proposal with their own branding, images, and text. Plus, it gives them access to analytics and insights that can help them better understand their prospects’ needs.

With online proposal software, sales reps can create proposals in minutes instead of hours. They can also track the progress of each proposal, so they know when a prospect has opened it or made changes to it. This helps them stay on top of their prospects’ needs and makes sure they don’t miss any opportunities.

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