Is it necessary for salespeople to shift their focus away from product features?

Top Performers Have 63% Less Focus on Product Features

Salespeople have long been taught to focus on the features and benefits of their product or service, but new research shows that top performers are doing something different. According to a study conducted by Sales Insights Lab, during presentations, product features come up 63% less in top performers’ conversations than in everyone else’s.

The study found that top performers are instead focusing on their prospect’s needs and pain points, and tailoring their pitch accordingly. This approach allows them to have more meaningful conversations that build trust and establish rapport with their prospects.

This is a significant departure from the traditional sales approach of listing off product features and benefits in the hopes of convincing the prospect to buy. The study shows that this approach is not as effective as tailoring the conversation to the prospect’s specific needs and concerns.

The importance of this distinction cannot be overstated. Salespeople must move away from focusing solely on their product or service’s features and benefits and instead focus on understanding their prospect’s unique situation and needs. By doing so, they can have more effective conversations that lead to higher close rates and more satisfied customers.
By focusing less on product features and more on the prospect’s pain points and needs, top performers are able to close more deals and generate more revenue. If you’re interested in learning how to improve your sales skills and become a top performer, consider booking a demo with today. Our sales experts can provide valuable insights and strategies to help you excel in your sales career. Don’t wait, take the first step towards sales success by booking a demo now!

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