How many times do customers say no before they say yes?

60% of customers say no four times before saying yes.


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Closing a sale can be challenging in today’s competitive business climate, but there are certain tactics and strategies that sales teams can use to maximize their chances of success. According to research, customers often say ‘no’ four times before finally saying yes—so understanding and using the ‘Rule of Four’ is key for any sales professional who wants to boost their bottom line.

The Rule of Four states that when a customer is asked to make a purchase decision, they will typically say ‘no’ four times before finally accepting an offer. This means sales professionals need to have both persistence and patience when dealing with potential customers as it takes multiple attempts in order for them to feel comfortable moving forward with the exchange.

The first thing salespeople need to do is realize that rejection isn’t always a bad thing—as it’s essential for getting closer and closer towards closing the deal each time. Additionally, companies should make sure they’re tailoring their approach according to the customer so that each response speaks directly to their individual needs while also addressing any questions or concerns they may have along the way.

It’s also important for companies to provide educational content such as webinars or case studies during the negotiation process in order help customers gain confidence in their decision-making process. Additionally, having a good reward program in place or offering discounts can further incentivize customers while showing them what advantages await after making the purchase.

Finally, businesses should keep track of customer feedback throughout the entire process so that they can adjust their approach quickly if needed—as this will help ensure maximum returns from every potential sale. In conclusion, using The Rule of Four is an incredibly powerful tactic for closing more sales and increasing profits over time—but it’s important for businesses to understand why it works and use it correctly in order optimize results!

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