Is the use of video in sales processes effective?

66% of teams were satisfied with the results that they are getting from using custom-recorded video in their sales processes.

Custom-recorded videos can be an incredibly helpful tool to give sales reps a more personal way to sell, which often leads to increased conversions. Custom-recorded video also helps create trust and connection between the sales reps and potential customers – it gives them a face to interact with, making it much easier to build rapport and trust.

In addition, custom-recorded videos help sales teams go beyond just cold calls as they can use the unique resources one custom-recorded video provides each person on their team. The positives of using custom-recorded videos far outweigh any negatives for team selling processes.

All in all, remote sales teams have seen an increase in conversions and revenue due to the use of video, custom-recorded videos, and social media. Companies should continue to invest resources into developing thoughtful social media strategies to effectively engage their prospects in order to maximize their remote sales statistics.

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74% of CSOs report they have recently or are currently updating their seller skills profile for virtual selling, and 61% of CSOs are already investing in new technology to enable virtual selling.

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