Are virtual sales more or less effecient than in-person sales?

Only 32% of sales pros report that a virtual sales process requires more meetings to close deals.

Contrary to what many may expect, only a small percentage of sales pros say that their virtual sales process requires more meetings to close deals. This suggests that a virtual sales process can be just as effective and efficient as an in-person one, allowing teams to achieve their objectives with fewer meetings.

Remote sales teams have seen an increase in conversions and revenue due to the use of video, custom-recorded videos, and social media. Companies are now investing more resources into developing thoughtful social media strategies to effectively engage their prospects. It is clear that remote sales will continue to be a popular option for many businesses in the future.

The success of remote sales is also attributed to the use of video conferencing, custom-recorded videos, and other digital tools that have made it easier for remote sales teams to connect with customers and build relationships.

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83% of Sales Professionals Report Working on Weekends

According to a research conducted by Salesforce, 61% of sellers say it’s harder to sell virtually.

According to a study by Salesforce, the total close rate for B2B deals increased by 10% in 2021 compared to the year before. This is due to an increase in remote selling and sales teams investing more time on proactive outreach.

41% of sales leaders report that their customers desire more digital communication

Companies that are experiencing the most growth generate 40% more of their revenue from tailored engagements than those expanding slowly.

28% of B2B organizations now have hybrid sales roles

In fact, 77% of sales leaders say their company’s digital transformation has accelerated since 2019.

It takes an average of 8 interactions to secure a meeting with a prospect

Analysts found that close to 80% of B2B buyers have already defined their requirements before talking to a rep and prefer evaluating digital resources to in-person presentations.

71% of buyers want to hear from sellers early in the buying process

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