Do you Research Prices Before Buying In Store?

65 Percent of Shoppers Look up Price Comparisons on their Mobile Device While in a Physical Store



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This is great news for ecommerce businesses.


Well, without the costs of maintaining a physical store and large inventory, ecommerce dropshipping businesses are able to keep overheads low.

This means they’re often able to provide lower prices for customers.

So how can ecommerce entrepreneurs take advantage of in-store shoppers comparing prices online?

The Key Takeaway: Advertise your products where shoppers who look up price comparisons will see them.


Get your products to appear in Google’s Shopping search results. Remember, Google is by far the largest search engine and many shoppers will use it to quickly compare prices.

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65% of Consumers Look Up Price Comparisons on Mobile While in a Physical Store

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65% of Consumers Look Up Price Comparisons on Mobile While in a Physical Store