Do You Buy Online More Now?

Mobile Ecommerce is Expected to Account for 67.2 Percent of Digital Sales in 2019



What’s more, this number is projected to reach a whopping 72.9 percent by 2021.

So it’s likely that most of your customers will be accessing your website from a mobile device.

The Key Takeaway: Ensure your website is optimized for mobile devices.

Thankfully, these days, most website themes come optimized for mobile. Still, it’s important to choose a theme that works particularly well on mobile devices.

Plus, you should make sure to view your website on many different types of device to ensure it looks great however shoppers access it.

More 2019 Stats

81% of Shoppers Research their Product Online before Purchasing

Online Stores are Offering an Average of 3 Payment Methods at Checkout Including Digital Wallets

26% of Shoppers are Likely to Share a Product on Social Media after Purchase

On Average, 52 Percent of Online Stores have Omnichannel Capabilities

Only 10 percent of executive customers said sales calls provide enough value to warrant the time they spent on them.

Average E-Commerce Conversion Rates Vary from 2.8% to 4.5%

Average Open Rate of Newsletter Campaigns from Ecommerce Stores to Customers is 18.45%

65 Percent of Shoppers Look up Price Comparisons on their Mobile Device While in a Physical Store

9% of Ecommerce Sites are Offering a Rewards Loyalty Program to Customers

33% of B2C Ecommerce Website are also Conducting B2B Transactions

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