How Much Do You Spend Online?

Americans Spend 36% of their Shopping Budget Online


eCommerce Strategy


Gen Z respondents spend 8% more of their discretionary income each month online than the global average – and tend to prefer online purchases to those made offline.

More 2018 Stats

73% of Companies are Investing in Design to Differentiate Their Brands

Emails with a Single Call-to-Action Increased Sales 1617%

Only About 22 Percent of Businesses are Satisfied With Their Conversion Rates

E-Commerce Sales Accounted for 11.9% of All Retail Sales Worldwide

37% of Shoppers Use Social Media to Influence Their Purchases

Micro-Influencers are Capable of Generating 22.2X Higher Conversion Rates than Other Types of Influencers

$6.8 Billion Dollars Are Lost Annually as a Result of Slow-Loading Website

96% of Americans Have Made an Online Purchase in their Life

Email Marketing Contributes to 20% of Traffic Driving Ecommerce Sales

8 out of 10 or 82% of Marketers Say Knowing How to Test Effectively is “Somewhat” or “Very Challenging”

More eCommerce Strategy Stats

Mobile Traffic Represents 53% of all Ecommerce Traffic

In 2019, Ecommerce Sales are Expected to Account for 13.7 Percent of Retail Sales Worldwide

Abandoned Cart Emails Sent within 20 Minutes Have an Average Conversion rate of 5.2%

40% of Millennials Have Used Voice Search Before Making a Purchase Online, According to Studies

Men Spend 68% More Online Than Women

28% Shoppers Abandon Carts because of Unexpected Shipping Costs

An Inconvenient Returns Policy Deters 80% of Shoppers

According to Nielson, 50% of Redeemed Mobile Coupons are Captured Directly from a Retailer’s Site by the Consumer

81% of Shoppers Research their Product Online before Purchasing

8% of Online Shoppers Engage in a Live Chat Conversation before Placing an Order

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