What is your Primary Metric for Success?

30% of Demand Generation Professionals Say that Pipeline Influence is their Top Indicator

In addition to a growing number of marketers indicating they now have revenue-based performance quotas, account-specific quotas are also emerging as a top KPI for marketing teams, with 27% of respondents saying they now set account, lead and revenue-based quotas.

The focus on account-based tracking was also evident in looking at the primary metric marketers said they are measured against. While the traditional KPI of MQLs was the top response for 33% of respondents, 30% indicted pipeline influenced was the top metric, 14% said total leads/inquiries, and 11% indicated accounts engaged was the main metric.

More 2018 Stats

Anchor Text CTAs (Clickable Text in a Hyperlink) Increase Conversion Rates by a Whooping 121%

80% of Consumers Had a Better Perception of Retailers That Offered Mobile Coupons

Online Stores That Have a Social Presence Have 32% More Sales on Average Than Online Stores that Don’t

48% of People Cited That a Websites Design is the No. 1 Factor in Determining the Credibility of a Business

72% of Shoppers Return 10% or Less of Purchases

7 Top Converting Companies Spend More than 5% of their Budgets on Optimization

42% of Lead Gen Professionals Consider Lack of Quality Data a Major Challenge Around Quality Lead Generation

39% of People Will Stop Engaging With a Website if Images Won’t Load or Take Too Long to Load

79% of Customers Order Online Via a Mobile Device

Micro-Influencers are Capable of Generating 22.2X Higher Conversion Rates than Other Types of Influencers

More Lead Generation Stats

More than Three-Quarters of Online Shoppers Would Like their Orders Shipped the Same Day

Organizations With Revenues Under $500 Million Have a Mean Cost Per Lead of Roughly $180; Companies With Revenues Above $500 Million Spend More Than Double That, at Roughly $430 Per Lead

42% of Lead Gen Professionals Consider Lack of Quality Data a Major Challenge Around Quality Lead Generation

Bundled Nurturing Content Within a Resource Hub (Instead of Multiple Emails) Produced a 3X Increase in Lead to Pipeline Ratio

Cost Per Lead Ranges from $150 to $350 on Average, with Larger Companies Paying Higher Costs Per Lead

67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative

79% of Marketers Already Using Interactive Content Plan to Increase Their Use in the Next 12 Months

Outsourcing lead generation generates 43% better results than in-house lead generation

Marketers are Now Experimenting with Buyer Engagement through Formats other than Form Fills: Thought Leadership (65%)

Most Midsize to Large Organizations Average Less than 5,000 Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) Per Month

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