Who Do You Tell if You Are Dissatisfied with a Company?

55% of Online Shoppers Tell Friends and Family When Dissatisfied with a Product or Company



Every retail organization struggles with how to remain profitable while striving to reach customers across channels amid ever-evolving technologies and rising expectations. With digital and brick-and-mortar experiences permanently blurred and no universal template for success to follow, many retailers are faced with the overwhelming task of developing seamless experiences across the board.

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You Have 10 Seconds to Leave An Impression and Tell Them What They’ll Get Out of Your Website and Company. After This Time (and Oftentimes Before), They’ll Leave

$6.8 Billion Dollars Are Lost Annually as a Result of Slow-Loading Website

8 out of 10 or 82% of Marketers Say Knowing How to Test Effectively is “Somewhat” or “Very Challenging”

47% of Website Visitors Check Out a Company’s Products/Services Page Before Looking at any Other Sections of the Site

53% of Content Marketers Use Interactive Content in Lead Generation Efforts

E-Commerce Sales Accounted for 11.9% of All Retail Sales Worldwide

69% of B2B Businesses Say They Expect to Stop Printing Catalogs Within Five Years

More than Three-Quarters of Online Shoppers Would Like their Orders Shipped the Same Day

30% of Demand Generation Professionals Say that Pipeline Influence is their Top Indicator

As of Q2 2018, 2.86 Percent of E-Commerce Website Visits Converted into Purchases

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