How Much Did You Buy on Cyber Monday?

Mobile Shopping Hit $2 Billion on Cyber Monday

For years, we’ve been hearing about the importance of responsive design and mobile-friendly features. Many small business etailers remained unconvinced of the power of mobile users as buyers. This made some sense, as data often showed that most users were using mobile devices (i.e., smartphones) primarily for research, and then finalizing purchases on tablets or desktop computers.

This all changed during the past holiday season. On Cyber Monday 2017, mobile saw its first $2 billion day, claiming just under a third of the money spent online. According to Business Insider, smartphones accounted for 37.6 percent of retail visits on Cyber Monday, and 21 percent of the revenue. Smartphone conversion rates were up by roughly 10 percent.

More 2018 Stats

$6.8 Billion Dollars Are Lost Annually as a Result of Slow-Loading Website

Gmail is the Most Popular Email Platform, Commanding 46.77% of the Marketshare

55% of Online Shoppers Tell Friends and Family When Dissatisfied with a Product or Company

8 out of 10 or 82% of Marketers Say Knowing How to Test Effectively is “Somewhat” or “Very Challenging”

7 Top Converting Companies Spend More than 5% of their Budgets on Optimization

Once on a Company’s Homepage, 64% of Visitors Want to See The Company’s Contact Information

Responsive Design Integrates Social Media

As of Q2 2018, 2.86 Percent of E-Commerce Website Visits Converted into Purchases

Micro-Influencers are Capable of Generating 22.2X Higher Conversion Rates than Other Types of Influencers

72% of Shoppers Return 10% or Less of Purchases

More eCommerce Strategy Stats

On Average, 52 Percent of Online Stores have Omnichannel Capabilities

Users who have a Negative Experience on a Mobile Website are 62 Percent Less Likely to Purchase from that Business in the Future

81% of Consumers Trust the Advice of Family and Friends Over Businesses

Online Stores are Offering an Average of 3 Payment Methods at Checkout Including Digital Wallets

Average Click-thru Rate of Newsletter Campaigns from Ecommerce Stores to Customers is 4.6%

88% of Online Shoppers Will Use Webrooming to Find the Best Price

Mobile Traffic Represents 53% of all Ecommerce Traffic

There Are More Than 254 Million Active PayPal Accounts in The World

An Inconvenient Returns Policy Deters 80% of Shoppers

26% of Shoppers are Likely to Share a Product on Social Media after Purchase

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