Do You Use Gmail?

Gmail is the Most Popular Email Platform, Commanding 46.77% of the Marketshare


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Over the years desktop clients have decreased in popularity and we’ve seen a rise in webmail clients being used. The ever increasing prevalence of businesses moving their applications into the cloud has had an effect on this in recent years with Gmail and Apple Mail now taking out the top 2 positions.

The most popular day to send fluctuates between Wednesday and Thursday with little difference between them. All weekdays are seeing quite even open rates with the weekend decreasing slightly. Importantly, find out what works best for your audience by trying to get to know their preferences. Then test, test, and test some more.

The overall average Open Rate has been steady for some time now and is tracking in the 30s. Open rates vary by industry. It’s important to look at the benchmark for your industry as well as your own performance. Open Rates are dependent on many things including the health of your database, your subject lines, and your send from name.

Overall average Click-Through-Rates (CTR) have ranged between 4.5% and 6% over the last 12 months. The best way to increase your CTR is to make sure that your content is highly relevant and interesting. Experiment with different types of calls-to-action including text links, buttons, and image links to really grab your readers’ attention.

More 2018 Stats

According to Nielson, 50% of Redeemed Mobile Coupons are Captured Directly from a Retailer’s Site by the Consumer

E-Commerce Sales Accounted for 11.9% of All Retail Sales Worldwide

Personalized Call-To-Actions Convert 42% More Visitors into Leads than Generic CTAs

30% of Online Shoppers are Millennials are are Between 18 and 34 Years Old

74% of Online Shoppers Rate Product Selection as Important During the Online Search Process

40% of Millennials Have Used Voice Search Before Making a Purchase Online, According to Studies

U.S. Retail Ecommerce Sales are Expected to Surpass 735 Billion by 2023

Mobile Shopping Hit $2 Billion on Cyber Monday

Add a Beard to Your Models to Increase in Cart Adds by 49%

B2C Companies that Leverage ‘Marketing Automation’ Have Seen Conversions as High as 50%

More eCommerce Strategy Stats

There Are More Than 254 Million Active PayPal Accounts in The World

Average E-Commerce Conversion Rates Vary from 2.8% to 4.5%

On Average, 52 Percent of Online Stores have Omnichannel Capabilities

The Average Conversion Rate in AdWords Across all Industries is 2.7% on the Search Network and 0.89% on the Display Network

26% of Shoppers are Likely to Share a Product on Social Media after Purchase

Mobile Shopping Hit $2 Billion on Cyber Monday

50% of Total eCommerce Revenue Comes from Mobile

58% of the Top 1000 US Online Retailers Send Welcome Emails

Cyber Monday Emails Generated 53 Percent Higher Conversion Rate than Black Friday Emails

65 Percent of Shoppers Look up Price Comparisons on their Mobile Device While in a Physical Store

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