Will You Create a New User Account Online to Make a Purchase?

23% of Users Will Abandon Their Shopping Cart if they Have to Create a New User Account

Neil Patel


Statistic Info

Account creation also kills conversions.

The Statistic: 23% of users will abandon their shopping cart if they have to create a new user account.

Some sites are so dead set on their membership model, that they completely ruin their chances at converting some users. Face it: Some users don’t want to create account. They just want their stuff.

When you force users to create an account before checking out, you are basically saying “no” to a huge amount of conversions. Personally, I’d rather have a more conversions including guest checkouts than to have less conversions and a few extra membership signups.

Most websites wait until you’re ready to checkout and then hit you with the membership requirement. I’m not sure which one is worse.

What needs to change: Provide a guest checkout option.

Don’t refuse customers just because they don’t create accounts. Instead, give them an easy way to checkout without the hassle of a membership creation.

Play nice with your customers, and don’t force them to join your website if they don’t want to.

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