Is it important to research prospects before selling to them?

82% of top performers say they “always” perform research before reaching out to prospects, and report higher usage of sales technology across the board.

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Researching prospects is very important, especially when it comes to sales. By doing research, you can learn more about the needs of your prospect and how they like to be contacted. Knowing what their business needs and wants can help you identify how to craft a customized proposal tailored to them, increasing your chances of winning the sale. Additionally, research helps you and your team keep on top of competitive trends so that you can adjust your strategy and stay ahead of the competition. Research also gives you access to up-to-date contact information so that you avoid wasting time and energy trying to reach out to someone who no longer works at the company.

All of these factors can help increase remote sales statistics and create a more successful sales process.

Technology has become an essential tool in the process of prospect research. With technology tools, it is easier to find information on potential customers and partners. For example, using search engines you can research a company or person, their background and what type of relationships they have. You can also use social media platforms such as LinkedIn to learn about people and companies. Technology is constantly evolving which helps with prospect research by making the process faster and more efficient.

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67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative

Top Performers’ Discovery Calls 76% Longer and Presentation Meetings 55% Longer than Average Performers

57% of C-level buyers prefer to be contacted via phone.

Top Performers Have 63% Less Focus on Product Features

47% of Sales Professionals Don’t Cite Selling as Their Main Activity

71% of sales reps say that building personal rapport has a substantial impact on converting a prospect.

56% of sales professionals get leads from existing customer referrals.

50% of buyers say working remotely has made buying easier.

48% of salespeople never even make a single follow up attempt.

21% of sales professionals who sell remotely say emails are the most effective channel for remote selling

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