How top performers close more deals?

Top Performers' Discovery Calls 76% Longer and Presentation Meetings 55% Longer than Average Performers

In the world of sales, top performers always seem to have an edge over their average counterparts. They seem to close more deals, build stronger relationships with clients, and ultimately drive more revenue for their organizations. One of the secrets to their success? Longer calls.

According to recent research, top performers’ discovery calls are 76% longer than those of average performers, and their presentation meetings are 55% longer. While longer calls may seem counterintuitive to some, there are a few reasons why they tend to be more effective.

First, longer calls allow for more in-depth discussions and a deeper understanding of the prospect’s needs and pain points. This allows top performers to tailor their solutions more effectively and ultimately close more deals.

Second, longer calls tend to build stronger relationships between the salesperson and the prospect. By taking the time to have a more thorough conversation, top performers are able to build trust and establish themselves as a partner rather than just another vendor.

Of course, it’s important to note that longer calls aren’t a guarantee of success. The quality of the conversation is still paramount, and top performers need to be skilled at keeping the prospect engaged and focused throughout the call. However, for those salespeople who are able to master the art of the longer call, the rewards can be significant.

So, the next time you’re preparing for a sales call, don’t be afraid to take a little extra time. By focusing on building a deeper relationship and truly understanding the prospect’s needs, you just might find yourself among the ranks of top performers.

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