How far along in the buying process are B2B buyers before they contact sales?

B2B buyers are 57%-70% through buying research before contacting sales


Remote B2B Sales


In today’s digital age, buyers have more information at their fingertips than ever before, and they’re taking advantage of it. This means that sales teams need to adapt their strategies to meet the needs of these informed buyers.

One of the most important things sales teams can do is to make sure that their online presence is strong and up-to-date. Buyers are doing their research online, so it’s essential that your website, social media accounts, and other online platforms are all optimized for search and provide the information buyers are looking for.

Another strategy is to focus on building relationships with potential buyers early on in the process. By offering helpful resources and establishing yourself as an expert in your field, you can build trust and credibility with buyers before they even make contact with your sales team.

Finally, it’s essential to be flexible and adaptable in your sales approach. B2B buyers have unique needs and preferences, and it’s important to be able to tailor your sales pitch and approach to meet those needs.

By understanding the changing landscape of B2B buying, sales teams can adapt their strategies and remain successful in an ever-evolving marketplace.

More 2022 Stats

40% of sales reps still use tools like Outlook or Excel to store customer and lead data

71% of sales reps say that building personal rapport has a substantial impact on converting a prospect.

54% of sales leaders say proposals sent is one of the most important productivity metrics to track

72 percent of business leaders said that sales tool integrations are essential to retaining business and beating the competition.

21% Higher Job Satisfaction for Salespeople Spending More Than 4 Hours a Day on Sales Activities

8% of salespeople say that their sales teams generate high-quality leads

56% of sales professionals get leads from existing customer referrals.

LinkedIn is the #1 social media platform for B2B leads.

55% of sales reps say budget is the most common reason a promising deal falls through

A study by Skaled revealed that sales reps using virtual presentation tools increased their close rates by 28%

More Remote B2B Sales Stats

77% of B2B decision-makers prefer video meetings over phone calls with vendors

91% of salespeople have indicated they don’t want to return to full-time office work when asked about their future career plans.

91% of customers say they’d give referrals. Only 11% of salespeople ask for referrals

71% of buyers want to hear from sellers early in the buying process

Writing your subject line entirely in upper case significantly reduces response rates by 30%

71% of sales reps say that building personal rapport has a substantial impact on converting a prospect.

Given the pandemic, almost 90% of B2B sales now happen digitally.

Research from Bain and Company shows that 92% of B2B buyers prefer virtual sales interactions.

49% of teams are using video as part of their sales process.

74% of CSOs report they have recently or are currently updating their seller skills profile for virtual selling, and 61% of CSOs are already investing in new technology to enable virtual selling.

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