What is the significance of top performers making more conversation switches on calls and presentations?

171 Words per Minute: The Surprising Speech Speed of Top Performers, Who Speak 6% Slower Than Their Peers

According to recent research, top sales performers are proving that sometimes slow and steady wins the race. While some might assume that successful sales calls are all about speed, the data shows that taking a more measured approach can actually lead to better results.

One key factor that sets top performers apart is their speaking pace. The research found that while the rest of the team speaks at an average of around 182 words per minute, top performers take a more deliberate approach and speak at an average of about 171 words per minute. This slower pace allows them to better connect with prospects and engage in more meaningful conversations.

In addition to their pace, top performers also stand out for the amount of time they spend in discovery and presentation meetings. These sales calls are crucial for building relationships and closing deals, and top performers know that taking the time to truly understand a prospect’s needs can make all the difference. In fact, their discovery calls are 76% longer than those of average performers, and their presentation meetings are 55% longer.

But it’s not just about time – top performers also know how to make the most of every moment. They make 54% more conversation switches on calls and 78% more conversation switches in presentations, showing their ability to actively listen and respond to the needs of the prospect.

While it might seem counterintuitive, taking a slower and more deliberate approach can lead to better results in sales. By focusing on building relationships and truly understanding the needs of prospects, top performers are setting themselves up for long-term success.

So if you’re looking to improve your sales performance, take a cue from the top performers and slow down. By taking the time to truly listen and connect with prospects, you just might find that you’re able to close more deals and build more meaningful relationships in the process.

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